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Set in the Remnants of America after the collapse of the worlds first Space elevator, in a world where magic has redefined and recreated life, in a world where AI has never been more commonplace, Thaumcrash is a hopeful postapocalypse, tabletop role playing game.

My name is Cass and i'm the lead writer and developer for the game! I'm going to be using this website to host stories written in the universe of Thaumcrash.

If You are interested in the game, you can find our SRD with the full playset, for free: At our Wiki.

If you somehow managed to find this website from somewhere other than our official tumblr account (Also run by me) you can find that Here.

If you are interested in talking to me or any of the rest of the people that helped this project, you join our discord With this handy invite link.